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Shooting The Bieber

    OK, I admit it.

    I came down with a touch of Bieber Fever last night.

  The kid’s a 16-year-old cultural phenomenon, boosted to dizzying media heights by legions of  Bieber-Feverish fans and media outlets always looking for ways to sell newspapers, magazines, web site hits and photographs.

    My Fever was borne of the latter, but truth be told, I also just wanted to shoot this kid. 

Justin Bieber, December 20, 2010.

     There’s no telling if his talent or popularity will sustain.  Twenty years from now, will he still be drawing large crowds like the 20,000 that packed the St Pete Times Forum to capacity last night or will he be more like former teen icon Leif Garrett whose current appearances are on “Celebrity Rehab”?

  I hope it’s the former.  I hope Justin Bieber matures and grows as a performer, keeps his celebrity status in check and has a very long and successful entertainment career.

   St Petersburg Times music critic Sean Daly inferred very strongly that Bieber lip-synched much of the show.    I couldn’t tell and I was right in the front of the stage.  Of course, I’m not a critic.     I don’t photograph a lot of concerts and, when I’m shooting, I’m in a zone of focus, thinking about light, apeture, shutter speeds and capturing the moments that make great images. 

    Most times, I cannot even recall afterwards what songs were performed while I’m shooting a concert.  I can say that that was not the case last night.  Media photographers were allowed to shoot the first three songs of his show before being ushered out.  One of those–“You Smile, I Smile”–did permeate my masculine veneer somehow.  I’m suprised I’m admitting it.

Justin Bieber performs December 19, 2010.

           From a photographic standpoint, the show was outstanding.  Press photographers were allowed to stand right at the front of the stage.  The lighting added a nice ambiance to the images.

"You Smile, I Smile"


Justin Bieber performs December 19, 2010.

    There’s no doubt the fans loved the show.  Without a doubt, it was the loudest concert I’ve ever been to.  I had to cover my ears in the moments as the lights lowered and Bieber got ready to take the stage.  The cheering voices were piercing. 

  Justin Bieber had arrived.

Bieber Fever arrives in Tampa.


Headshot Hotel

  Headshots are important shoots.

  Your clients are counting on you to provide powerful images that cannot be ignored.   When your 8×10″ glossy  lands on a casting agent’s desk, you can be guaranteed that it will not be alone.  There will be hundreds of other smiling, two-dimentional faces looking up at them begging for the job. 

  The key is to make your headshot stand out,  jump off the page, grab their interest and imagination and ultimately book the job.  

Steve Atkins

Steve Atkins

   This is from last week’s headshot session with Steve Atkins.  He’s 23, works a full-time job outside of modeling, but desparately wants to do something else with his life.  And his looks.  And his personality.  And his charm.  And his warmth.

Steve Atkins

Steve Atkins

  Modern headshots are not traditionally delivered in black and white anymore, yet I thought this shot was particularly powerful in black and white.   Color in a photograph can enhance and enrich the photograph.  A black and white photograph must stand alone on the image itself.   I think Steve’s face and smile are enough in this case.  No color required to make this shot stand out.

  Oh.  One more thing.  Steve’s got more going for him than his killer smile, bright eyes and charming personality.  He’s also got a killer body, heterosexually-speaking.

Steve Atkins

Steve Atkins

Hardcore Steve Atkins

Hardcore Steve Atkins

    These are not traditional headhots.  The body shots are for his comp card, which for models normally consist of five different views of the model showing other sides of their personality and attributes. 

  One of your goals in shooting these is to provide different looks for the casting director.  Do they need a smiling, sweet-looking, handsome young man for the role?  Steve can do that.

  Do they need a tough, intimidating, photographically-frightening thug?

  Steve can do that.

  Do they need someone somewhere in the middle?

Steve Atkins

Steve Atkins

  Steve can do that too.

  The entire key to good headshot photography is to get your photograph noticed.  Make it stand out.  Make it clean and technically perfect.  Add a little drama and mood.  Have a great model.  Do not submit anything less than a professional shot.  You won’t get a second look.    You won’t even get an audition without a great headshot. 

  I’ve had incredible success with my headshots.  The  models and actresses I’ve photographed have been hired by HSN, TV commercials and for a soon-to-launch national TV show, as well as on the boxes of a lighting product endorsed by Tampa Bay’s Martha Stewart-equivalent Darlene Cahill. 

  Do you need headshots?  I’m offering 100 dollars off.  Email to set up an appointment and mention “Headshot Hotel” for the discount.

  Thank you Steve!

  Thank you all.