Tim Boyles is a Tampa Bay photographer who shoots weddings, news, celebrity, public relations, aerials, headshots and modeling portfolios, events, publicity and just about anything else you may need photographs for.
  I believe in treating all my clients with integrity and professionalism above all else.  I’m also quite good at delivering your photographs on deadline.  That means SAME DAY delivery if you need it.  All other deliveries can be done within one or two days.  It may be slightly longer for larger shoots, ie:  more than 300 photographs.  Wedding deliveries are always guaranteed within 10 days.
  I’m also the Tampa Bay photographer for Getty Images, providing news, celebrity and assignment shoots.  My work for them has been published in Time, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, USA Today, NY Times, LA Times, US, Entertainment Weekly, OK Magazine, the Washington Post, ET Online, ABC News, etc.

  I hope to share some of my stories about my photographic career, as well as some techniques I use to make photographs with power, emotion, drama and impact.


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  1. We were the couple sitting at the table with Amy…spoke to you quite a bit….took a pix of you taking a pix of me. What you sent to Jim Lawless were so wonderful. We hope to see more from the wedding via Jim’s e-mail.

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