Shannon Mulaire and Randy Scott’s Wedding Day

  A wedding is a monumental occassion.  I know from talking with my couples that there’s immense stress involved with the planning and an incredible amount of anxiety involved from worrying about whether everything is going to go off as planned on the special day.

  Shannon Mulaire and Randy Scott gave me the most incredible compliment when we had our last conversation before their April 8, 2010 wedding at the Ritz-Carlton in Naples, Florida.  They told me “Tim, you’re the ONLY thing we’re not worried about”.

  In other words, they had complete confidence in my professionalism to be where I was supposed to be, when I was supposed to be there and that they knew I would deliver images that had power, emotion, drama, laughter and fun….and love.

Shannon and Randy

  That’s the key to great wedding photography.  Shooting images that have passion.  Not everyone can do that.  Wedding photography is so much more than delivering images that are simple inventories of who was there. 

  Shannon is a great reporter at WTVT, the FOX affiliate in Tampa.  She knows the power of images, visuals.  I know that she would much rather cover a story that has powerful video to accompany and enhance her stories.  Randy has a TV news/sports backround too.  He’s very much aware of how important great visuals are. 

  It was incredibly flattering that this pair would trust me to deliver those kinds of images.

Shannon in her room before the ceremony

Shannon's Maid of Honor's portrait of her

  And, sometimes, it’s not just me that shoots a powerful image.  This shot above was a photograph that Shannon’s Maid of Honor was shooting of her.  I think that what makes this such a nice image is not from MY photograph, rather because the shot from the Maid of Honor is a beautiful frame. 

  You have to keep your eyes open when shooting a wedding and let any ego you have subside.  I was very complimentary of her Maid of Honor for this photograph.  I have a standing  joke with guests.  It’s, “don’t shoot anything that’s better than mine”.    Sometimes, they don’t listen.

  Shannon and Randy’s wedding was stunning in its details, location, but more importantly in it’s sealing of the union between two people who are quite obviously very much in love with one another. 

   There is nothing more romantic or beautiful than the way a bride looks at her life partner while he says his vows.

Shannon looks at Randy while he says his vows to her

 And, a kiss is never just a kiss during a wedding.  I always try to shoot the kiss with a wide lens so you can see the reaction of the guests in the backround.  I loved going through the images with Randy and Shannon when they came by to pick them up.  Looking at this kiss photograph, they were pointing out the guests in the backround, admiring her father taking a photograph, Randy’s mother (in purple between the two) gripping her hands together–beaming with more emotions than I could probably imagine.

The Kiss

  That’s one of the secrets that many so-called photographers don’t know.  A photograph can have multiple layers of interest.    A professional photographer does not want someone simply glancing at their photography.  A professional photographer wants whoever is viewing their work to STAY in the photograph.  Adding multiple layers of interest is one way to do that.

Romance on the Gulf of Mexico

    Even this silhouette photograph has multiple layers of interest.  The color and drama of the sunset adds to the beauty of the moment between the two.

  Of course, sometimes a single layer of interest is all that’s needed.

Glamorous Bride along the Gulf of Mexico

  Even this photograph has subtle, multiple layers of interest.  Shannon said that one of the reasons she chose this gown was because of it’s light and airy structure.  She knew that it would blow easily in the wind along the Gulf of Mexico.  The movement of the gown adds to the beauty of this shot.

  The Ritz-Carlton in Naples was an exquisite place to shoot.  They know how to take care of their guests and I think a lot about visuals as well.    The reception area was lit with purple and blue lighting.  The tables glowed with light.    When I saw that, I KNEW that not only would there be great visuals of the couple’s first dance and the other moments of fun during a reception.  I also knew that the color of the room would add visual impact, drama, beauty and another layer of interest.  Of course, you cannot just go in and shoot it.  You have to have a true  knowledge of light and how to manipulate it, use, enhance it.

  That’s one of the differences between a professional photographer and the guy or gal who says:  “I’m a professional photographer, I have a Nikon camera”, then proceeds to photograph an entire wedding with direct, on camera flash in automatic mode.  Doing that would have not allowed the colors of the room to marinate into the frame.   You have to use slow shutters and subtle, subtle lighting. 

Color, Details, Multiple layers of interst (The web doesn't do justice to the color in this frame)

  A wedding is a celebration of love, but also of friendships and family and new unions.   

 After it’s all over, though, it’s the photographs that keep those moments fresh and vivid in your lives.   

Celebrating their Union

  Thank you both so much!!!


One response to “Shannon Mulaire and Randy Scott’s Wedding Day

  1. Tim,

    As usual you did an incredible job and produced some stunning images that they will cherish forever.

    What a wonderful package of memories you have preserved for generations to come. My hat’s off to you.

    Stay Safe


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