Help Portrait–Giving It Away on Saturday….

  The business of freelance photography is a tough road to hoe.  There are lots of professional  photographers marketing their services and delivering great images.  (There are even more amateur photographers posing as professionals who will take your pictures and deliver snapshots instead of well-lighted, well-composed, creative, heirloom-quality photographs, but that’s another blog subject.)

  You cannot just be a great photographer to make a living at it.  You must be a great business-person as well. 

  Inevitably, business means making money and we all need to do that to live our lives, but there is more to life than money.  Living a good life means a lot of different things to different people, but to me it means using what you have to help those who don’t have. 

  It means using my skills to enrich the lives of others and receive an emotional payday instead of a financial one.

  On Saturday, December 12, myself and about 15 other PROFESSIONAL, caring photographers will be giving our work away to provide free portraits for those who cannot afford them. 

  The event will take place at the St Petersburg Pier beginning at 10am and running through 2pm, or until the last person or family has been photographed.   The Walgreens store at 875-9th St North in St Petersburg has graciously agreed to provide a free 8×10″ print for each person photographed. 

  The event is called “Help Portrait” and was the idea of one photographer who thought it was amazingly sad that there are families in all of our own neighborhoods who cannot afford to be professionally photographed.  There are mothers who cannot even afford to pay for their child’s school portrait. 

  We want to change that.  We believe that every family deserves an heirloom legacy, a portrait session for their descendants, a professional, visual documentation of their life.

  You don’t need to register to be photographed.  You just need to show up. 

  Worldwide, there are more than 6,500 photographers and other volunteers taking part in this amazing show of charity.  These shoots will take place in more than 600 locations and more than 50 countries.

  This is the first year its been done.  Can you imagine the response next year?

  The group has already done some preview and test shoots around the country.  If you wish to see the impact a free portrait session can do for someone who’s never had one, watch the video on their web site:

   It shows people overcome with emotion because, just then they thought that NO one cared about them, they found at that people DO care about them.

  If you’re a photogapher, makeup artist, stylist or just want to volunteer, email me (  or leave a comment here or call me at 727.504.9425.

  See you there.

Tim Boyles


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