American Idol David Cook, Big Voice, Huge Heart


David Cook, Mahaffey Theater, St Petersburg, Florida November 27, 2009

  David Cook can sing, but that’s not the only reason I respect and admire him.  There are lots of great singers out there, but few that have a heart the size of a watermelon.

  David does and he shares it willingly with Lindsey Rose Belcher, daughter of FOX-13 reporter Charley Belcher.    I wrote about the bond between them in a previous post (

  When I did that previous shoot with Lindsey Rose and Charley, I told them that I would love to shoot Lindsey Rose and David together the next time he came to Tampa Bay.    I thought that the bond between the two should be documented and that Lindsey Rose and David should both always have something tangible of each other to refer to when times got tough for them. 

  Lindsey Rose, perhaps, the next time she undergoes chemotherapy.  David Cook, perhaps, the next time he’s on the road for extended periods of time or maybe when he’s looking for inspiration for his next love song. 

  When David’s tour brought him to St Petersburg on November 27, I got invited to join Charley and Lindsey Rose when they met (and interviewed David for FOX-13) backstage in the hours before his concert. 

Lindsey Rose Belcher and David Cook

Lindsey Rose going in for the kiss

Lindsey Rose waiting patiently while Dad-Charley conducts his interview

   Of course, Lindsey Rose is the biggest star in the room.  She may not realize it, but everyone else that was there did.  This photograph above puts the focus where it really belongs. 

    This is the look I got when i asked David to put a kiss on Lindsey Rose’s cheek.

Reaction to request to kiss Lindsey Rose

    This is the kiss that followed.

A kiss for Lindsey Rose

    There’s something incredibly admirable about a man of his status and fame who takes the time and effort to make ONE little girl feel special.    He’s my favorite celebrity subject for that reason. 

  Charley says this is their family Christmas card this year:

Belcher Christmas Card 2009

    I know that my respect for David Cook is unbelievably high.  I can only imagine how Charley Belcher feels about David  and the time, energy and attention he pays to Lindsey Rose.    I can tell you that I think I caught a small  part of that emotion on film when Charley went in for the man-hug with a waiting David.

Charley Belcher goes in for the man hug with David Cook

    And, although it’s not very professional to ask your subjects to pose with you, I couldn’t help it during this shoot.  I mean, I was in the presence of a true idol to many. 

 My new favorite self-portrait with a star.

Self portrait with Lindsey Rose

   Lindsey Rose and I had a big laugh when we looked at the LCD of this shot. 

  I told her it was a perfect frame:  Lots of her.  Just a little of me.

  Thank you for reading.  Support David Cook.  Pray for Lindsey Rose Belcher.  Donate to organizations that fight childhood leukemia.


67 responses to “American Idol David Cook, Big Voice, Huge Heart

  1. thank you so much for sharing these photos and your experience. what an amazing, gorgeous group of people. ❤

  2. Thank you for these fantastic pictures and blog! You sure are right about everything you said about David Cook. His relationship with Lindsey Rose is incredibly beautiful and touching. Thanks for documenting it.

  3. David Cook & Lindsey Rose are like peanut butter & jelly…”nutty & sweet” & when put together, they make the perfect combination! Thank you so much for sharing this moment with us all. It is greatly appreciated. Lindsey & her family will continue to be in my prayers. Peace, love & strength for the entire Belcher family.

  4. Every time I think there is no way I can love and respect him any more than I do, David Cook does something like this and I am amazed again at how he inspires more love from me.
    There are a lot of very talented people out there that can sing and perform on stage, but few can match the heart of this guy. The world was blessed the day he was born. He is destined to greatness.

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  6. Just needed to say thank you for posting this. You captured something truly special! There were some wonderful human beings in that room that night.

  7. this is a great article. thank you.

  8. As another famous ‘David’ once sang…I think I love you. Thank you for realizing and documenting the biggest reason we have fallen for David Cook. Talent? Oh, yeah. Looks? Amazing. But, the one thing I remember about Season 7 of AI was David looking out into the audience with tears in his eyes at his ailing brother as he listened to the praise from the judges for “Always Be My Baby”. Lindsey Rose is a superstar too. I know she’ll get through just fine with all the love and support from her family, David and his fans.

  9. Lindsey Rose rocks. David Cook is the ultimate. This photography blog is awesome. That is all.

  10. David Cook’s sweet and kind heart is so apparent in everything he does, it’s obvious that love simply comes naturally to him. May God bless him and Lindsey Rose always. Thank you for sharing this story with all of us.

  11. Thanks so much for sharing this!:-D. I, too, admire David. I was so moved when I first heard of this story, and since I live in the Tampa Bay area, I cant’ help thinking of David and Lindsey when I see Charley on the news. Wonderful story and wonderful pictures.:-)

  12. Thanks for this beautiful article. And the respect, love and admiration you have given to both Lindsey Rose and David Cook.
    So true; in the presence of greatness on both accounts and add one more to the list you 🙂

  13. Thank you so much for this, Tim. David is beloved as both an artist and a man, and you can see why. Many of us in his fan community do pray regularly for that beautiful little girl, and for all who fight cancer.

    I am sure that DC and the Belchers are all very grateful to have this photographic record of a very good day.

  14. Awesome photographs, even more awesome–and heartfelt–blog entry. Thank you for sharing this with those of us who are already Cookified (in part because of Lindsey Rose) and with those who have yet to hear this wonderful musician and see his caring in action.

  15. WOW!!!! YOu just about brought me to tears with these photos! You captured it so well!!!! AMAZING!!!!

  16. Lindsay Rose is such a brave little girl. David Cook is, quite simply, a mensch. I’m proud to be a fan of this talented, big-hearted man.

  17. This is why David’s fans are so loyal. They managed to trend #LindseyRoseRocks on twitter during the concert just to show support .

  18. Thank you SO MUCH for this, the pictures are amazing and you can see the bond. David Cook is not only a great musician, but also a wonderful person. I’m proud to call myself a fan.

  19. okay, you made me cry. Just by reading the title of the blog. Thanks for sharing your words and photos.

  20. Thank you for this heart-warming article and the beautiful pictures. It is a wonderful story about a “celebrity” due to new-found fame and a little girl battling a horrible disease…these 2 have come together through fate and have become the best of friends. In this world that can be so dark and dreary sometimes, it is joyous to see the light that these people bring to each other…thanks again.

  21. Lindsey rocks. David rocks. And you rock, Mr. Boyles, for recognizing this remarkable, admirable guy for his heart AND his voice, and putting it out there where everyone can see it. Despite the fact that you made me tear up at work, I thank you for sharing!

  22. I love David Cook. He pretty much has everything – talent, charm, integrity, compassion. But you, Tim Boyles, you’re special too. Thank you for this.

  23. What a fabulous blog. I heart David Cook’s big heart. But, you are correct, on who the shining star is in the room. {{hugs Lindsy Rose}}

    God speed to you, LR and family, and one nice man David Cook.

  24. David Cook is so much more than a rock star. Any person with a good voice, good looks, and some charisma could accomplish that. No, Dave is a great human being and everything that is inferred about that. He is compassionate without an insincere bone in his body. Thank you for sharing with the world what we see in this man.

  25. Fantastic photos, great text, amazing people.
    I love that picture where the focus is on the star. She is such an hero, isn’t she?

    I love that David and Lindsey keep in touch and keep making each other laugh. That’s the most precious thing.
    Thank you for capturing those moments and share them with us.
    And your pic with the star is quite fantastic too.

  26. Thank You. This is why I am proud to be a David Cook fan. Talent and Heart!

  27. Thanks for this, David has a huge heart to go with his huge talent, and Lindsey is a remarkable girl, a complete beautiful little star

  28. Thank you so much for this article Mr. Boyles! It is a beautiful article with beautiful pictures! I have been wondering how Lindsy Rose is doing, and if David has been able to see her recently. David looks like he is part of the family. Literally.

  29. Thank you for sharing these photos and wonderful story about two very special people who found each other and became lifelong friends. This is one reason, (and there are many) why I will be a David Cook fan for life. God Bless David, Lindsey Rose and the entire Belcher family.

  30. Tim, you just demonstrated why a picture, sometimes, is worth a thousand words. Thank you for capturing the beautiful spirits of David Cook, Lindsey Rose and the Belcher family.

  31. Thank You Tim for this latest installment of beautiful pictures of Lindsey Rose. David is so special too, and its so wonderful that you’ve been able to capture their special friendship in your photos. I sure hope there is more to come.

  32. Thank you for this..I cried when I read through it. They broke the mold when David AND Lindsey were created. I am so proud to call myself his fan, even prouder to say Lindsey Rose rocks!!!

  33. Thank you so much for this – just beautiful.

  34. Thank you for posting this. David Cook is the real deal. What a great musician but an even greater man. Thank you for sharing your perspective of this day. It brought tears to my eyes on the day of the concert, and the photos only brought them back again.

  35. This was a very touching story. I have admired Dave for a long time not only for his talent but for his heart! Thanks SO much for capturing that moment so eloquently. U R awesome!

  36. This is why, I too, am proud to be a David Cook fan. It’s not just the voice, the music, the looks etc… It’s the man behind it all – he draws you in and keeps you there. These picture are priceless. Little girl with a big dream – big man with a giant heart – making each other’s dreams come true.

  37. Thank you so much for this!!! Your pictures are fantastic!

  38. Thank you SO much for this. Lindsey is a big inspiration for a lot of people…

  39. Thank you for capturing humanity at its best. I have a lot of respect for both David and Lindsey Rose.

  40. My wife and I are both big fans of David Cook (she bought me his album after falling in love with him on American Idol), and we have family in the Tampa area. My brother-in-law forwarded me a link to your first blog about the friendship between David and Lindsey Rose, and my respect and admiration for him grew even more. In this age of quick fame and superficial celebrity, it is heartwarming to see a man of David’s character find success without compromising who he is. It seems his mama raised him right, and I’m so glad that a child as bright and promising as Lindsey Rose has him as a friend and role model. Thanks for updating the story, Tim, and for sharing such fantastic photos. Our family will continue to root for David Cook, Lindsey Rose, and the entire Belcher family.

  41. latinalovescook

    Tim, I really don’t know what to say because you said it all here. You described to a T, through your words and pictures, what we, the David Cook fans, had discovered months ago . His big heart is what made me a fan for life. Yes, he is talented, yes, he is good-looking, but there’s something else that words can’t describe. I know he is destined to do great things with his amazing talent, this is just the beginning. God bless Lindsey and his family!

  42. Tim, thank you so much for this. David and Lindsey are inspiring for so many people including me. David is such a nice guy and he has a huge heart, which makes me love him even more, along with everything else. Wonderful article and beautiful pictures!

  43. WOW. I have chills up and down my entire body. This is my favorite “article” to ever be posted on the internet. EVER. I am so glad someone else feels the same way about David that I do. And sweet Lindsey Rose….. God bless her. ❤

  44. Amazing article! I think Linds has already received her Christmas present… and David too!
    I hope God helps her overcome this tough stage of her life ♥
    Keep on shining David!

  45. Lorraine (aka cookfantoo)

    Your blog entry is perfect. You have captured both subjects in the best way possible and have made me acknowledge (yet again) my appreciation for the man/musician/artist we have come to love. It is a special relationship and I thank you so much for allowing us to look inside.

    Well done!

  46. Thank you for such a wonderful blog and photos. Both David and Lindsey Rose are beautiful people, inside and out. I am proud to wear Lindsey Rose’s bracelet on my arm everyday, to remind me of what is important in life. I am also so very proud to call David Cook my Idol and to be his fan. I wish them both love and beauty, as beautiful as these photos. And my prayers and thoughts for Lindsey Rose and her family are out there every day!

  47. Along with his God-given talent, David possesses a kind and giving spirit. Those are just two of the intangibles that endeared the world. David Cook embodies completely what it means to be an American Idol. He walks with humility and an open heart.

    My prayers are with Lindsey Rose, a child of strong heart and spirit as well.

  48. This article and those splendid pictures just make my heart swell with so much love and respect for David. He is truly a Godsend. And, Lindsey Rose is a very special young lady. It’s just wonderful that these two have bonded. God bless David Cook and God bless Lindsey Rose!

  49. I am so proud to be a fan of David Cook. Like other people , I admire him for something deeper than just his amazing talent. His ability to connect with people is beyond words. I too am a fan for life. I have gone back to watch the video of him and Lindsey when they first met and it moves me to tears my heart sobs bec. I see how much sincerity he has in loving people. Indeed, his parents raised him well. I can only pray for a long successful career and that he keeps his foot firmly planted on the ground. And to you Lindsey Rose, you are a hero.

  50. Yes, David Cook is a good singer and good looking guy but the most appealing thing about him is that he is simply a good man. Genuinely and sincerely a good man. He doesn’t put on airs for the sake of photo opps or for PR reasons. He truly has a huge heart and cares so much for people. That’s the biggest reason he is and always will be, so loved by his fans.

    Lindsey Rose is a special young girl as well. She has such a determined spirit and a positive attitude that many adults should aspire to. She really IS a star in her own right.

    Thank you much, Tim, for sharing their story in words AND beautiful pictures. You’ve captured what it’s all really about. Love and respect.

  51. An incredibly heartwarming story. David Cook does indeed have a heart of gold. Perhaps life experiences have helped to mold him into the fine person that he is. Lindsey Rose is amazing. Children have this ability to rise to the occasion just when we, as adults feel like we could never keep going. My prayer is that their friendship continues for many, many years.

  52. If I remember right soon after Dave won American Idol, Time Magazine wrote this about him: Sexy and Sensitive. I wish him success. I hoped he was nominated for the Grammy but who knows, perhaps it is not his time yet

  53. Got teared up reading this..i will always support Dave and keep on praying for Lindsay to be healthy again..

  54. I think the photos speak for themselves. Thanks for sharing.

  55. Lindsey Rose is a star.

  56. Thank you for this, Tim. What made me a huge fan of David’s is exactly that — his heart. Awesome voice, good looking, BUT add to that his genuine concern for others and his humility, makes him outstanding and well loved. Beautiful pictures of Lindsey. I keep her and her family in my prayers.

  57. This is why his fans love him so much. He has the biggest heart. He doesn’t do this because it will get him publicity. He does it because he truly cares about people. I remember on A.I. during Idol Gives Back that the camera panned towards the bleachers where Cook, Michael Johns & Carly were sitting & just after the segment where the sister found her younger sister, Cook was passed a tissue as he was so moved, that he was crying. He was heartbroken for all this fellow contestants when they were eliminated. The camera caught Cook looking totally devastated when Brooke White was so emotional having just been eliminated he stood there on stage wanting to touch her to console her. When Luke Menard was eliminated & later was battling cancer his bills were piling up & though Cook was still on A.I. and only a contestant he gave Luke money to help with his bills & it was Luke who revealed that fact sometime later. This is truly an American Idol in every sense of the word.

  58. Beautiful girl, beautiful story, beautiful pictures, beautiful man.

    Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

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  60. Thank you for sharing your blog and amazing photos of Lindsey Rose and David Cook, she really is a little star!

    David’s heart, in addition to his beautiful voice, is the reason I will be a fan for life.

  61. Bah i love it this beautiful cause

  62. Thanks so much for this wonderful article.

  63. Tim, not only do your photos convey a sense of your subject’s soul, your written word shows the world what a fine and righteous man you are…thanks for being my friend.

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  65. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos. You really captured the heart and soul of a beautiful little girl and her love for David, and his love for her. These photos brought tears to my eyes. Just wonderful. I love the family Christmas card.

  66. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  67. This was a very touching and heartfelt article and I was deeply moved by it. I am a huge fan of David Cook’s ! I fell for him when he was on American Idol….from the very begining. Been to 4 of his shows and STILL , I want more ! I could soak his amazing voice up for hours on end !!! I love his big heart, gentle, kind, caring, loving nature, talents….and his God given gifts that have been placed inside of him. He is a true treasure and a wonderful human being! I will be his fan for LIFE !! He makes dreams come true, too!! Thank you for your love and support of David and all that he is and does!

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