Historical Heirlooms

  One of the great things I love about photography is the ability to document and preserve history.    It’s one of the most important things I do. 


George and Mary Lou Cahill

George and Mary Lou Cahill

  Mary Lou Cahill turned 80 recently.  She and George have eight children.  Those children have their own children and some of those even have their own children as well.   Photographing her on her 80th birthday is obviously an important shoot.   Generations from now,  her descendants will still have these photographs in their albums, on their walls and in their wallets.  I can hear her grandchildren bragging about how beautiful their grandmother was when she turned 80.  

  Mary Lou Cahill is truly a family matriarch and a woman who carries her class, beauty and pride with every step she takes. 

Mary Lou Cahill

Mary Lou Cahill


George and Mary Lou Cahill

George and Mary Lou Cahill

  Her husband, George, is the charming patriarch of the family. 

  I got one of the greatest compliments from him about these photos.  He told me that he’s been married to Mary Lou for SIXTY ONE years and of all the times she’s been photographed, he thought these showed her at her most beautiful. 

  I am humbled, but what I always remember about being a photographer is that it’s a two-way street.   I can only shoot what’s there.  None of my photography tricks or techniques can put class and beauty when it’s not there.  George and Mary Lou brought their “A” game to our portrait session.

  And, the result…..is History.


3 responses to “Historical Heirlooms

  1. Tim,
    I loved reading your entire blog because I saw things through your eyes … the eyes of a gifted artist. Your humble spirit and kind heart inspire me to experience more—to see more—-to appreciate more. Thank you seems inadequate for the outstanding job you did at capturing MaryLou’s 80th birthday celebration. You are a blessing in the lives of everyone who knows you!

  2. Susan Cahill Williams

    Dear Tim,
    I want to thank you for the beautiful pictures of my parents and siblings. You really did get some incredible shots, and you caught everyone at their best. I also want to thank you for the kind, but true words you wrote about our parents. It’s nice to hear what I personally think of our parents, they are beautiful, inside and out, and you caught that so well. Sincere thanks,

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