Lighting a Landmark


The Landmark St Petersburg Pier

The Landmark St Petersburg Pier

  The Pier in downtown St Petersburg, Florida is truly a landmark.   More than 100 years have passed since it was constructed.  During that time, it was always referred to as the “Million Dollar Pier”.  I guess a million dollars went a lot further then than it does now. 

  Now, it appears as that if we wish to keep it, St Petersburg council will have to find 50 million or so to do needed repairs, updates, etc.  There is a group studying whether it’s a worthwhile allocation for tax dollars.
  I think it is. 
July 4, 2009

July 4, 2009

    First of all, it’s like Seattle’s Space Needle and the Arch of St Louis.  It’s our iconic visual.  It’s an instantly-recognizeable landmark.   It’s our calling card.

  And, it hosts the most amazing fireworks shows.
July 4, 2009.  St Petersburg Pier.

July 4, 2009. St Petersburg Pier.

  This is a photography blog, not a political one, so I’m not going to delve further into the reasons why it should remain intact.  Anyone who’s been there can identify with the welcoming ambiance and breathtaking views from all points. 

  And, they host amazing parties too.  I’ve photographed Ashley Judd, Gene Simmons, Danica Patrick and the entire Andretti family there.  Some of them several times.   
  Every time I’m there to shoot an event, it’s packed with people.  All kinds of people.
Drum Circle

Drum Circle


Young Patriot

Young Patriot



Small Groups


Waiting for the Show.

Waiting for the Show.


Mayor Rick Baker

Mayor Rick Baker

  Shy Guys
Shy Guy

Shy Guy

   Large Crowds2009Fireworks00625

    I’m not good at estimating crowds, but there had to be 10,000 people in downtown to see their fireworks display.

  They were not disappointed. 
  The following photos were shot from the 23rd floor of the tower in the left side of the photograph above. 
  Disclosure:  The shots with fireworks bursts in the right side of the frame are photoshopped to add the second burst. 
  Why?  I thought the shots with the real fireworks bursts in the left of the frame lacked a little something in the frame.  Sure, they are striking, but I was playing with photoshop and exercising my creative license.    I copied the bursts in the right side of the frame from other shots that night. 
  Now, you know the rest of the story.
  If you wish to purchase a print, a canvas gallery wrap, a digital file, a T-shirt, coffee mug, mouse pad or any other products with these fireworks photographs and others on them, please go to this location:
Thank you for reading!!!!

One response to “Lighting a Landmark

  1. thanks for doing our wedding again,
    wow wish my firework pics came out like this i was in clearwater for the fireworks and had the wrong lens 😦 the firewoeks was further away and not so bright as i expected it maybe i should have went to peterburgh only if i had known lol. This was my first 4th july i ever went to in usa it was big bigger than the ones we see here lol.
    Ash xxx

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